About Paul’s “The Volvo Specialist”

Paul and Bryan Lesher

Volvos: That’s All We Do Here

“Volvo”. Just that word brings to mind images of strength, safety, quality and reliability.

For more than eighty years since the first Volvo, nicknamed “Jakob”, left the assembly line in Gothenberg, Sweden, this legendary automobile has become a workhorse, a necessity, an heirloom, which many owners drive and enjoy all their life.

Volvo’s are also known for their trademark safety, once being advertised as every year being a “road safety year for Volvo”. That wasn’t just a clever tagline, either.

The Volvo Corporation has seventy-five ground-breaking safety innovations since its founding in 1927. The most famous being the 3-point safety belt and the safety cage.

We, at Paul’s “The Volvo Specialist”, understand your love for your Volvo automobile. So much so, that our business caters ONLY to Volvo owners.That’s right, we repair only Volvos. No other makes or models are allowed in our bays. Our highly trained Volvo technicians focus all 100% of our attention on Volvos.

It’s more than just a car. To many of our customers, it’s a lifestyle.

If you own a Volvo, whether it’s a sedan, SUV, station wagon, Cross Country or a coupe, we can repair it. It can be a 1936 PV51 or a brand new XC60 right off the dealership lot!

Key Services provided by Paul’s “The Volvo Specialist”

  • Timing Belt Replacement: Since 1993, like all other auto manufacturers, Volvo produced a 5 cylinder interference engine.  If the belt in this engine is not replaced at required service intervals it may break.  If the belt breaks, the valves make contact with the pistons and bend the valves.  When this occurs, repairs will be very costly.  We can replace your timing belt and save you a lot of money & anguish.  Just know that if your timing belt breaks in your Volvo you may need a new engine.
  • Oil Change and Filter: We recommend oil change and new filter every 3,000 miles or three (3) months, whichever comes first. We use only Pennzoil Synthetic or Pennzoil Regular 5W30 oil.
  • Transmission Flush: Your Volvo’s transmission needs to be flushed every 20,000 miles on regular flushes & every 30,000 miles on synthetic flushes. We can check the color and the smell of the fluid to determine if it is needed.