Pauls, The Volvo Specialist History


Their hobby became their vocation

Paul and Lyn Lesher opened their Paul’s, “The Volvo Specialist” business in 1981. But their history with Volvo goes back more than a decade before they ever opened their doors.

Paul started in 1970, working on Volvos at a dealership in Maryland. A Volvo representative was so impressed by Paul’s interest and knowledge that they hired him to take care of the Volvo demos at their Columbia, Maryland headquarters. After training in Sweden, Paul became the Volvo School Instructor and traveled up and down the East Coast instructing Volvo technicians. Lyn recalls receiving many phone calls from all over the country needing Paul’s knowledge to fix problem Volvo’s-over the phone! Following several years of teaching, Paul was promoted to Volvo Service Representative. He supervised the East Coast Dealerships’ services and warranties and assisted in customer satisfaction.

Paul has earned a long list of Volvo Master Technician Certificates in the following areas: Engine and Transmission, Fuel Injection, Heating and Air Conditioning, Electrical and Wiring, Brakes and Exhaust. If it concerns a Volvo, Paul knows it.

When Paul and Lyn opened Paul’s, “The Volvo Specialist” over thirty years ago, they made ethics their main priority. No customer was going to be treated unfairly or billed for unneeded repairs. They wanted to treat customers the same way they would like to be treated.

It wasn’t long until word got around as customers from all over the Commonwealth of Virginia heard about Paul’s, “The Volvo Specialist” and they had to move to a larger location. He went from a two-bay garage to a seven-bay garage and hired four more technicians.

After only nine years in business, Paul and Lyn decided it was time to build their very own state-of-the art Volvo repair shop at 5790 Hull Street in Richmond. It has sixteen bays and includes a front end alignment machine, engine flush machine, quick lube lift, special mag wheel tire machine, speedometer certification machine, Volvo scan computer, a Volvo Vidas Diagnostic Computer and a Dyno machine. He adds to this equipment inventory often to provide comprehensive repair services for their customers both now and in the future.