Testimonials from Paul’s Customers


Dear Paul’s:

I took my Volvo to Paul’s – the Volvo Specialist in Richmond, Virginia to get the car
ready for winter.  I told the lady at the counter my concerns  and questions.  Shortly after I
sat down, the service technician came out to talk with me.  In fact, he came back several
times, sat down  and answered my questions.  He was kind, informative and did not
make this woman feel foolish about my ignorance of “cars”

On my way home, I thought about this encounter and the technician’s kindness.  I decided
to call the shop and tell them of my experience.  We are so quick to complain but
sometime forget or put off talking about the positive acts of kindness.

When I called and spoke to the lady at the front desk, I found out the service man is the
owner, Paul, and the lady at the counter is his wife.  What a pleasant surprise.  Go Paul.

Thank you for your service,

Nancy M., 

Chesterfield, Virginia 

Dear Paul’s Volvo:  

This was my first trip to Paul’s Volvo.Very nice building, comfortable waiting area and equally nice, knowledgeable employees. Wow. Customer service at the front office, telephone and “back lot” guys, terrific!

Their staff is accommodating and friendly, they make everything from appointments to supplying a temporary transportation soooo easy.

Thank you, Paul’s Volvo!!

Ms. Nan R.,

Richmond, Virginia

 August 26, 2014

I retired from Volvo Finance, Inc. in May of 2006. Volvo Finance is the finance arm for Volvo Cars like GMAC for General Motors. I traveled with Volvo Finance ; and I always had a new Volvo Company Car. Upon retirement, I bought my last company car(2005 XC70)-I still have that car as well as a 1993 940 Wagon. I started taking both cars to the local Volvo Dealership in Midlothian, Va. for service. Finally, on December 19, 2008, I took my XC70 in to the dealer with a tapping noise.

After about two hours of waiting and a $44.75 charge, the dealer advised that I would need a Angle Gear part#36000340 @$1,675.70 and Part#31259380@ $30.40-the parts would have be ordered and labor would be $360.00. We were planning a Christmas trip to Asheville, NC. The service writer advised me to let them order the part so it could be fixed before our trip. I said I would think about it and let them know.

I had heard of Paul’s (“The Volvo Specialist”)-ALL GOOD. My wife said why don’t you take the car to Paul’s for a second opinion? I did. And Paul, himself, advised me that all they had to do was bend a piece back and grease it! Needless to say, I have been a very happy customer of Paul’s since December 2008. I take both of my Volvos to Paul’s for ALL servicing. They are honest and they treat you just like family.

Paul’s is probably the reason we keep holding on to our older Volvos!! I would like to add that the Volvo dealership is a little over two miles from my home and Paul’s is over ten miles away. Believe me me the drive is worth it! We love Paul’s!!

Mark G.

From Angie’s List

“I have been in the car business my whole life including dealerships, 17 years with Volvo of America and now management consulting to Nissan, VW, Audi, Chrysler and KIA. Needless to say, I have always promoted servicing at the dealership but when I purchased a 2004 S40 for my daughter last summer, the dealership wanted to charge me $1,700 for routine maintenance. I went to Paul’s and had the same work done for approximately half the price. Having spent all of my adult life in dealerships, the first thing I noticed was that Paul’s looked and felt at least as professional if not more professional than most dealerships. I know a lot about Volvos and talking to the Paul’s employees revealed a level of product knowledge that I did not expect. Many employees’ tenure is longer with Paul’s than most dealership employees so their depth of knowledge is greater. It hurts me to say this but I will never service a Volvo anywhere but Paul’s.”

James D.
Midlothian, Virginia

From Yelp.com

“I love this place. It’s everything you want in a mechanic– expert knowledge, spectacular customer service, reasonable rates, and, above all else, honesty. They give it to you straight and they really take care of you. I’ve been there five times in the last year (three Volvos in the family) and every time they have not only done right by me, but have fixed others’ mistakes. I’ve been to a lot of mechanics with my Volvos over the years, and Paul’s is by far the best.”

Cassie B.

Richmond, VA

From Yelp.com

“When we moved here I called several mechanics that worked on imports, asked who they would recommend for Volvos and called several of those places to check hourly labor charges, who had loaner cars, etc.  Paul’s came out on top with the most competitive hourly rate and they do have loaners (you will need to tell them in advance that you need a loaner, it costs $15/per day but you do not have to put gas in it).  Their shop is nice and comfortable if you need to wait.”

Rebecca R.

Richmond, VA

From CarTalk.com

“For car servicing and repairs, we are very tough customers who will not hesitate to complain. In fourteen years of servicing our three Volvos, we cannot recall one unpleasant experience. The service has been extraordinary, the prices fair and reasonable, promises are kept, and the employees couldn’t be nicer. As far as we are concerned, Paul’s Volvo sets the Gold standard for Volvo. servicing.”

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