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What’s New at Paul’s, “The Volvo Specialist”


We congratulate Lori L. of Richmond, Virginia for winning the $100 Martin’s Gift Card in our Paul’s, “The Volvo Specialist” contest!

Thanks to all who participated and have a Happy New Year!


Paul’s Hires Two New Technicians

July 30, 2014: Paul and Lyn proudly announce their second set of three generations at Paul’s, “The Volvo Specialist”! 

Their son, Doug Lesher, along with his son, Bryan, (Paul and Lyn’s grandson), have joined the family business. That now makes it all three of their children and two grandchildren working with them at Paul’s.  

Paul and Lyn could not be more thrilled about the exciting changes that are taking place at their family business.

Read more about Doug and Bryan at our website, www.pauls-volvo.com.

Paul’s New Discount Program: Refer a Friend 

On August 1, 2014, Paul’s started this exciting new program for our present customers.

refer a friend for volvo oil change


Call Paul’s at (804) 276-6161 for more information.

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